[ANN] Conformance testing campaign

Ferenc Wagner wferi at afavant.elte.hu
Fri Sep 26 18:15:16 CDT 2003

"Dimitrie O. Paun" <dimi at intelliware.ca> writes:

> On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> "Dimitrie O. Paun" <dpaun at rogers.com> writes:
>>>   -- for the ME case, how can we have have some
>>>      results (up to kernel32.dll:codepage) and then
>>>      have no results? Doesn't that mean that they failed?
>> No, this means that when the console test hung the tester
>> killed the DOS box and thus did not run further tests.
>> Jakob might implement a timeout or we could explain more.
> Right, this was my point: it's more of a failure, than
> not having run the test (displayed as "."). Maybe we should
> say "timeout" for these?

For the console test, yes.  I just did not care, because I
was promised a better run.

>>>   -- How do you assign the name to different reports
>>>      for the same OS?
>> It is the name of the directory the data comes from.  In
>> principle, testers could provide their tags.
> How do you make sure they don't collide?

We could put up a little cgi which asks for a tag and makes
sure it is unique.  Or simply append a number if the
submission is done by email.  I do not expect too many
concurrent submissions anyway...

> that stuff is useless anyway, so I think we should just
> drop it altogether.

I see your point, but would like to make sure it is easy to
pinpoint a given submission.  Names are useful for that.

But I have a real problem here: which results to put in the
main summary if there are many reports for a version?  The
one submitted first?  The one with the most/least successes?
Or maybe a mixture?  Now it is the one with no tag, which is
practically the first submission.

>>>   -- Also, in the "XXX differences" section, shouldn't we
>>>      have the exact version & ServicePack displayed between
>>>      the OS name and the reporter link, as we are dealing
>>>      with only one instance?
>> Sure, but I do not have the information.  Noted, though.
> How come? I thought Jakob includes a dump of the OS version
> structure, like so:

Yes, he does.  But except for one result submitted by Jakob,
all the results are from my .bat-driven zip file.


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