regression - display mode detection - more exanples

hatky hatkyinc at
Sat Sep 27 20:28:59 CDT 2003

> something.  What 
> kind of crash do you get?
Seems to not crash with current cvs but blinks all the
time (not that it dosen't have other errors but the
blinking is new)...

> both in the list, and I did not check for
> duplicates.
So I guess this is fixme #1.

> I am still confused by this one.  Can you try
> setting your Wine desktop 
> to 512x384 and see if it still complains? 
This mode is not in the X config choises (I use the
mandrake control center, don't now the techi way to
this), but it's not like windows allows me to set the
desktop to that, I think only directX is allowed to
set this mode 

> you before, I 
> cannot get the demo for that program to run at all,
> so I am unable to 
> investigate it.  It reports (Object Class
> ObjectInternal created in 
> Class instead of Package).

> ones I've seen with desktop windows.  I'm
> investigating doing that a 
> nicer way.  Can you try that out and see if it
> helps?
I don't have that game or the specific problem so I
can't really test that, sorry.

> understand that "the games I ran all worked on my
> two systems" does not 
> help you as much as I'd like, but unless I can get
> some tests I can run 
> it's really hard to fix it.
I am downloading a few demos now to find some that
have this problems but seems the my "fast internet"
isn't fast ength so it take some time, I will mail you
when I have some demos with this problems I am quite
sure the diablo2 "video test" will give you some more
stuff to test but I can't be sure it runs until I
download it....  (keep you posted on that stuff)

> - always list all modes as including 8, 16, and
> 32-bit
Do you know sometime a 24 bit mode exists? (some old
cards did not have 32bit just 24...) (I do not know
what should be done with it) (in vesa they had the
same code drived me made writing a vesa game a few
years back....)

> - silently ignore you when you try to change the
> depth
Is there a request in the X server project for this
already? (if not we should at least request as we need

> - remove duplicated modes (see above)
ya, fix #1

> - include more TRACE lines for better debugging
Does that mean I will need to run more traces :( ...
;) kidding
p.s. Could you cc me when you send a patch about these
(I fallow only commits)


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