Wine programs for windows released on sourceforge

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sun Sep 28 01:24:20 CDT 2003

I will do some tests with these. Are you using CVS ? Otherwise I will
recompile to have the latest code available.
 --- Ivan Leo Murray-Smith <puoti at> a écrit : 
> Patches and scripts are useless for most users, and cygwin isn't
> software you
> install quickly with a analog modem, so I've uploaded a build of the
> wine
> programs for windows on our sourceforge page.

Running with an admin user on XP now. Will rerun with an user account
if needed.

- Numeric clock doesnt work (displays "éla" everytime at the same
- When trying to change font: says no font has been installed.
- Without title bar doesnt work (windows XP related ?)

- Cursor model isnt set.
- About displayed incorrectly

No problem found.

About displayed incorrectly

Test couldnt be done, Windows XP uses .xxx\PersistHanlder mechanism to
handle file types.

- Problem with accentuated letters.
- "copy con test.txt" says "access denied" but "type con >test.txt"

- Crashes when trying to start anything.
- Display only partly the current directory when starting itself.

About displayed incorrectly

- Doesnt start without parameter.
- Exits with code 2 with valid help file as parameter (no windows is
displayed at all)

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