Script to compile Wine programs on Windows

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Sun Sep 28 02:31:19 CDT 2003

On Sun 28. September 2003 04:23, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Martin Fuchs <martin-fuchs at> writes:
> > I tried to compile my explorer as winelib application, and got to this
> > problem: How to compile a resource file, which has no problems with RC or
> > WINDRES with WRC?
> If it compiles with rc and windres then it should compile with wrc
> too. The inline stuff is a wrc extension, but you don't have to use
> it, the normal mode should work just fine with wrc.

Thanks for the tip.
I was not aware of that because I always got WRC error messages like
"explorer_intres.rc:337:58: Error: Cannot handle UNICODE filenames"
when using
IDI_EXPLORER            ICON    DISCARDABLE     "res/explorer.ico"

Now I tried once more and found this works:
IDI_EXPLORER            ICON    DISCARDABLE     res/explorer.ico

Why doesn't the standard way with quotation marks work? I think this is a bug 
and should be corrected in wrc?

Martin Fuchs
martin-fuchs at

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