Wineconf 2004, otherwise known as...

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Mon Sep 29 03:33:00 CDT 2003

Just a crazy taught:
What about a twin Wineconf, one in north-America one in Europe taking 
place at the same time with live tele-conference. (Europe cameras on me)
I am sure it will be good for publicity, Journalists like that stuff. 
But seriously how many are European (proximity) and how many are north 
American. Do we have any kind of counts.

+1 for Europe - Me

Jeremy White wrote:

>...making good on my threat.
>We are making plans to host Wineconf 2004,
>in St. Paul, MN, during January 2004.
>This is the last chance for someone in Europe to volunteer
>to organize it in their neck of the woods...
>Otherwise, we plan to provide:
>  * A meeting space for 2 days
>  * Arrangements for moderately price hotel rooms
>  * Advice on transportation, which should be straightforward
>  * A meal or two, and drinks for at least one evening
>  * We'll have all CodeWeavers Wine hackers in town for the event
>  * Free buttons for  the St. Paul Winter Carnival:
>    <grin>
>What we will expect you to provide:
>  * Your airfare (sorry, no IPO money for us)
>  * Your hotel room
>  * A laptop with wireless
>  * Long underwear and Parkas
>What I don't know yet:
>  * We may need to charge some sort of modest fee,
>    depending on how the budget and our bank account
>    look.  We're willing to shoulder some costs,
>    but we may need extra help.  We'll also plan on 
>    using the Wine party fund to help cover some costs.
>  * Exact dates; my thinking is to do it in conjunction
>    with a weekend (e.g.  Fri/Sat or Sun/Mon), but
>    I want to see what meeting space cost/availability
>    looks like before I pick.  Right now, Fri Jan 16th/
>    Sat Jan 17th are looking good (note that LinuxWorld NY
>    is the following week for those that might be able
>    to get their employer to sponsor the trip Stateside).
>Thoughts?  Comments?  
>If you think you would come, please email me privately;
>I'd like to get a rough count to help with planning.

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