Wineconf 2004, otherwise known as...

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Mon Sep 29 12:26:43 CDT 2003

Hey Jer,
I will try to be there. I can't speak for the rest of the ReactOS
developers but I think we may have one or two that would like
to come.

I have always wanted to see the Russian Winter so I guess
St. Paul in January is good practice.


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> ...making good on my threat.
> We are making plans to host Wineconf 2004,
> in St. Paul, MN, during January 2004.
> This is the last chance for someone in Europe to volunteer
> to organize it in their neck of the woods...
> Otherwise, we plan to provide:
>   * A meeting space for 2 days
>   * Arrangements for moderately price hotel rooms
>   * Advice on transportation, which should be straightforward
>   * A meal or two, and drinks for at least one evening
>   * We'll have all CodeWeavers Wine hackers in town for the event
>   * Free buttons for  the St. Paul Winter Carnival:
>     <grin>
> What we will expect you to provide:
>   * Your airfare (sorry, no IPO money for us)
>   * Your hotel room
>   * A laptop with wireless
>   * Long underwear and Parkas
> What I don't know yet:
>   * We may need to charge some sort of modest fee,
>     depending on how the budget and our bank account
>     look.  We're willing to shoulder some costs,
>     but we may need extra help.  We'll also plan on 
>     using the Wine party fund to help cover some costs.
>   * Exact dates; my thinking is to do it in conjunction
>     with a weekend (e.g.  Fri/Sat or Sun/Mon), but
>     I want to see what meeting space cost/availability
>     looks like before I pick.  Right now, Fri Jan 16th/
>     Sat Jan 17th are looking good (note that LinuxWorld NY
>     is the following week for those that might be able
>     to get their employer to sponsor the trip Stateside).
> Thoughts?  Comments?  
> If you think you would come, please email me privately;
> I'd like to get a rough count to help with planning.
> Cheers,
> Jeremy

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