Script to compile Wine programs on Windows

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Sep 29 14:33:42 CDT 2003

"Dimitrie O. Paun" <dimi at> writes:

> The one intermediate file is needed for separating the rules in
> Make.rules and the dependencies in 'make depend'. This also allows
> it to work with multiple .rc files just fine.

As long as the .rc file is the one you build the .res from, but that's
not always the case, sometimes the .rc is an include (cf. dlls/user).

> Oh, and BTW, in this rule:
>         bin2res -o $@ $(SRCDIR)/$(RCBINSRC)
> bin2res will update all .bmp files in one go, will make update
> it's timestamps to avoid running bin2res multiple times?

No it won't, that's why we need to change bin2res to generate only a
single file at a time, otherwise it breaks parallel makes. That's also
why your intermediate file solution won't work.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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