Start menu (especially for Alexandre Julliard)

Robert van Herk robert at
Mon Sep 29 16:06:32 CDT 2003

OK people,

As I understand (from the explanation by Russell Howe (thanx:-))), there 
is a script called wineshelllink that is supposed to install the created 
start menu items in your KDE menu.

First of all: this script does not seem to do anything on my 
installation (Slackware 9). Are there known problems with this script?

Second: from looking at the script it seems that this menu is not 
synchronized with the actual contents of your start menu, which would 
seem more fancy to me. Because Windows users will be aquainted with the 
fact that the Start menu directory actually contains the contents of the 
start menu.

What I would propose is a system in which the contents of the wine menu 
would be in continuous synchronization with your start menu. That would 

    * Less error prone coding (no need for extra scripts etc)
    * More forward functionality (moving in the folder will actually
      result in moving in the menu as well)
    * Better support for applications (links that are not written
      through api calls will actually show up as well)
    * Ability to copy links between Windows installation and Wine

Wouldn't you agree such a system would be better?


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