wine & ccache

Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Sep 29 18:23:12 CDT 2003

Le lun 29/09/2003 à 17:35, Dimitrie O. Paun a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> Just wanted to let people know that ccache works rather well
> with wine. On my lowly 600MHz Pentium box, it takes about
> 1h to compile, after a make clean. Second time through it
> takes about 1/4h to do the same thing, 75% faster! (As an
> added bonus, CPU utilization dropped from 86% to 60%)

A bit OT: when configure/ is patched, I assume the next make
will require a ./configure before (and hence a full make)?

> How long does it take to do a 'time make -s' after
> a full build on one of the beefier boxes?

Athlon XP1800+ (not that beef in those Athlon64 days):
Cold (ie, no Wine work since last reboot):
real 16.2s
user 3.8s
sys 5.0s
Hot (a second time just after):
real 2.3s
user 1.4s
sys 0.6s


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