winealsa: improve sound quality for IDsDriverImpl

Jerry Jenkins Jerry_J_Jenkins at
Mon Sep 29 21:50:43 CDT 2003

> Hi Jerry,
> With your patch applied,
> I get a write access to a NULL pointer when trying to get sound with
> dsound (winmm tests are running ok.)
> Since I was using precompiled RPMs from when doing the
> first try,
> I switched to 0.9.7 sources. Same result.
> I attached a trace from a run of
> wine dsound --debugmsg +wave,+dsound,+dsound3d
> Could you have a look on this ?
I'll work on it.

I noticed that sometimes there are still noticeable intervals. But if I run
some OSS programs first like

Play /usr/share/sound/KDE_Startup.wav,

DSOUND works very well then.

After some more investigation, I found that snd_pcm_mmap_commit copys the
data as snd_pcm_areas_copy in the origin callback. My patch only decreases
the times that the data are copied. I can't figure out why it works after
run OSS programs though.

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