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Mon Sep 29 10:45:17 CDT 2003

> Of course, now that I know Lionel is going to host this on the ski slopes,
> I'm beginning to be willing to go over there...<grin>

Now that would be a compelling reason to go to Europe, even if Lionel
snowboards.  No one has mentioned France yet as a location but it seems 
like a lot of you live there.  

I also know this ski resort in Colorado that has some pretty nice conference
facilities - dedicated T1, wifi, lots of conference rooms.  I think I could
get a good deal on it - probably just for the cost of catering.  For anyone
who skis I can get cheap lift tickets.  Likewise, I can get a deal on
but it wouldn't be that great ($80 USD /night or so).  

However, I don't think Colorado is as convenient as Minneapolis and the few 
$$$ saved on facilities probably wouldn't justify it.  The one nice thing
about Minneapolis is the major airport closeby - Northwest is the major
there and they partner with KLM.  A quick look on Travelocity shows tickets 
for under $600 USD (under 500 Euro?) for airfare from various European
to Minneapolis.

Despite what Jeremy says about Minneapolis, I don't think anyone from Europe
will be surprised by cold temperatures.  If you're used to seeing snow on
ground it's not much different.. except for the times when your eyelids

I agree with Jeremy that having dual conferences doesn't sound as appealing.

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