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Mon Sep 29 16:31:58 CDT 2003


--- Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> wrote:
> Precisely, this way it's obvious which functions are meant to be
> used by Win32 apps and which are internal to Wine.

Hmm, I think any programmer who thinks a static function in one of
the implementation files of a given dll can possibly be part of the
exported Win32 API has larger problems than just confusion over what
the API covers ... and I believe the documentation sitting right
above the protoypes of exported functions should suffice to
distinguish for those who want to learn Win32 programming by scanning
the Wine source tree.

But since you're adament, this should probably be made a janitorial
task; internal stdcall functions are currently used in other places
(5 other files in shlwapi, for example). I'll resend.


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