Updated winetests.exe

Ferenc Wagner wferi at afavant.elte.hu
Tue Sep 30 13:59:35 CDT 2003

"Dimitrie O. Paun" <dpaun at rogers.com> writes:

>   -- we should include in the master file and the test output
>      some sort of unique identifier (a MD5 sum of sorts?) so
>      we make sure we correlate the test output with the correct
>      master file.

I thought the build tag (which can be any one-line string)
was enough.  Why do we need anything else?

>   -- you have to be able to deal (how?) with tests results
>      that arrive before the master file.

This is impossible, I would reject them.

>   -- a simple to generate format would be: [...]
> KEY:<the uuid>
> *** <dll> (section repeated for each DLL)
>   * <dlls/<dll>/tests/file.c>:<CVS version>  (multiple times, for each file)
>     <any errors/warnings generated during compilation, verbatim>
> <output of 'wine dlls/<dll>/tests/<dll>_test.exe.so>

In general, this sounds almost OK, although I do not see why
it would be simple to generate.  We should accomodate both
MSVC and MinGW, right?  Their outputs are different.  And
some asterisks might be useful to separate the compiler and
test output.

But I think it is rather hard (Jakob?) and not sure whether
it is worth the effort.  Apart from the compiler output
everything can be generated from the build tree (and I have
the shell script for that), and since the build procedure is
not automated, Jakob could simply copy some relevant output
into dsound.dll.txt, possibly add some comments, tar it up
with the master file and send it to WinHQ.

>> One more thing, I really do not
>> have the faintest idea about how to integrate this into the
>> WineHQ page.  There may be reasons there, too, like eg. the
>> need to notify the system about a new build, which could be
>> done by uploading the information skeleton...
> Well, this is what I'm thinking:
>   -- master file and test results are emailed to wine-tests at winehq.org
>      this is simple to do, Jakob should just change the submit method
>      to email, and it should work. In fact, Jakob why don't we start
>      doing that, to see how it works?
>   -- We need to integrate your processing script with sendmail, just
>      like mailman is. This way, when an email arrives on the wine-tests
>      list, you get to process it right away. The result template could
>      be placed right in the website, if Jer is OK with the idea.
>      Jer, do you have any special requirements for this stuff?

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