PATCH: stop crashes in desktop mode

Alex Pasadyn ajp at
Tue Sep 30 18:09:44 CDT 2003

Mike Hearn wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 21:57, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
>>In fact, what kind of problems
>>do we have with InstallShield?
> It attempts to do window management across two different desktop windows
> causing an X11 ConfigureWindow error. We can't run it outside of desktop
> mode because the big blue window becomes unmanaged and you can't switch
> to the main installer window.

So what about the patch I submitted that started this discussion?  It 
certainly prevents the ConfigureWindow call from crashing Wine (at least 
for the cases I tried).  I realize it's not addressing the root problem, 
but I think it's at least a better situation than crashing.

Longer term, I think the ideal solution is to get all the priority and 
input focus issues worked out so all the windows could just get managed 
by the window manager.  (That's what it's there for!)  I would like to 
help with this, but I need to better understand what the issues are. 
There are certainly native X applications that create oddly shaped 
windows without WM decorations that don't confuse the window manager at 
all.  Are Wine apps needing to do something that's not supported or is 
it just a matter of fixing Wine?

Then, at that point, what would be really slick is if the Wine desktop 
could be a separate process that you run when you want to confine a 
specific app (and all its subprocesses) to a smaller space (e.g. 
winedesktop -size 800x600 -- myapp.exe).


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