Developer's path to Windows/*NIX multi-platform?

Robert van Herk robert at
Fri Apr 2 04:03:19 CST 2004

>>I am willing to re-write my best Windows software from scratch, but I
>>insist that the result is native or almost on Linux so there are not any
>>weird GUI glitches. Do you think Wine is the way to go for me, or am I
>>better off writing individual versions and keeping the Windows software
>>native and then producing QT or GTK versions for *NIX? I'm at a cross-roads
>>here, since I'll be dedicating years of work in whatever direction I take.
I'm sorry, Dimitrie, but I'd say that if nativity of your solution is 
your primary goal, you shouldn't go with wine. IMHO, Wine is for when 
you want to have one application that works on both win32 and Linux. 
Still though, a application running in Wine will look like a 
_MS_Windows_ application running inside Linux. For me, as a user, I am 
always aware of the fact that it is running on a compatibily layer.

If you want something that really looks Linux-like, I'd go with QT 
and/or GTK.

However, you have to decide for yourself what you think is more 
important: the time that you will safe by going the Wine-way, or the 
Linux look&feel you will get by going the Linux way.


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