Handling dialog messages for non-template based dialogs

Santosh Siddheshwar santosh.s at sonata-software.com
Wed Apr 14 23:48:08 CDT 2004

OK.One place where this could be done is WM_NCCREATE which comes before
WM_CREATE. Other place (possibly better) where it might be possible to do
this is in CBTProc hook procedure. Not sure about the second option though.
Any thoughts?
Santosh Siddheshwar

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> Santosh Siddheshwar <santosh.s at sonata-software.com> writes:
> >  But dont you think that the structure is not really required till the
> > window has been created successfully? 
> Well, I don't think so, but the only way to know for sure is to write
> a test program under Windows to determine the exact behavior.
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> Alexandre Julliard
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