RFH: winetest testing

Mehmet YASAR myasar at free.fr
Tue Apr 20 14:18:31 CDT 2004

Test run on Win2K sp4 (French)

1. I have a error with comctrl32_test.exe (it's seems to occur during 
Translated from french : "Can't find PDA_Search entry point in 
COMCTL32.DLL" (I have version 5.81.4916.400)

2. With the GUI, a shell is created (it should display debug traces ??) 
but I see only some weird caracters like "abcdf   g" and one line :
"tests/process.c: 6 tests executed, 0 marked as todo, 0 failures.??"

3. Freezes on "oleaut32:vartest", I have a timeout error.

4. Programme stops on "user32:input" (the progressbar is at about 90%)

5. the icon of "winetest.exe" has a dark background, is it on purpose ?
(my video card is configured to 16 bits/pixel)

I like this little program ;-)

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