Window management protocol extensions

David Hammerton david at
Sat Apr 24 06:59:44 CDT 2004

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to chime in here and remind you of our discussion on IRC 
just then. I think this is a great idea and I sure do have a lot to say 
on this topic (in terms of what I'd like to see in the spec) - but I 
won't be able to go over it for at least a week (probably longer). I'm 
sure some of my colleagues have a lot to say on this topic, too.

> We can probably hack around the lack of these things for now, but being
> able to use these hints where possible will probably keep a lot of us 
> from
> going grey-haired early :)

I thought that was part of the job. Damn I really should ask for 
workers comp ;).

Anyhow, I'll get back to you later about it.



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