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Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Aug 1 09:53:54 CDT 2004

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 23:19:11 -0500, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Log message:
> 	James Hawkins <truiken at>
> 	Under the Drives tab, remove the 'Windows Drive' section.

You probably want to increase the size of the drive mappings list so it
fills the tab, currently there is just a lot of empty space at the top of
the pane now you removed the old stuff.

Also we should kill the autodetect button. This is done by
wineprefixcreate these days, or should be.

Other things are:

- Drive editing seems broken. The list box only updates the second time I
hit edit. err:winecfg:applyDriveChanges unable to set volume label for
devicename of 'H:\', label of ''

- Browse in the "Add/Edit drive" dialog is a WRITEME

- Build system isn't right: I did a cvs update but the res files weren't
recreated properly. I had to do a make clean to get the gui updates.

- "Add Application" has poor usability: we always use a file browser
dialog box even though the most common use case is just "foo.exe", ie
the user knows the name and doesn't care about the location. Worse we
start in the c:\windows\desktop folder for some reason, meaning users
might accidentally select a .lnk file!

Ditto for Libraries tab.

- The Add/Remove application buttons are *way* too big!

- Obviously, once audio autodetection has been moved into the drivers we
need to kill the audio tab.

- Libraries tab just has generally poor usability, actually. The first
item in the radio group is "Builtin" meaning that's the one users are
most likely to select, it should be "builtin, native" followed by "native,

- We ask the user to understand a magic * symbol to set the default - what
is up with that?

- There are no helpful default entries in the drop down box for setting a
DLL override, and when you add one the tree does not expand so to actually
*set* it you have to expand the tree then select the new override.

- We have way too many (eg, more than zero) tree controls in this app.

- Drive mappings list is really unclear, there's no separation between the
"Drive X:" label and the unix path its mapped to.

Basically I'd recommend reading the GNOME HIG:

it's a very informative read. Obviously we have to use Win32 UI
conventions at least at first, but there's a lot of generically good
advice there. Well worth reading for anybody who is going to work on

thanks -mike

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