Flags for building an rpm

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Sun Aug 1 11:16:16 CDT 2004

Le sam 31/07/2004 à 15:31, Dan Timis a écrit :
> A colleague built a wine rpm a while ago.  Here is the size and date:
> 9922591 Apr 29 14:32 wine-20040408-1muse.athlon.rpm
> If I look on the winehq site I see similar sizes, only slightly larger:
> wine-20040716-1rh8winehq.athlon.rpm 11662876

The larger size probably comes from more libraries being detected at
compilation time (like ICU), or from using a different compiler. On
which base distribution are you compiling (you and your colleague)?

> Unfortunately, my colleague is incommunicado for the next couple of 
> weeks, and I cannot ask him how he built the rpm.  I added a patch to 
> fix the problem I reported recently in menu.c.  Then, I built the rpm 
> with the command:
> # rpmbuild -ba --platform athlon wine-20040408-2muse.spec

My rpmbuild manpage says to use --target, while --platform is not
Else, looks good to me...

> Here is what I get:
> 85910178 Jul 29 21:25 wine-20040408-2muse.athlon.rpm
> This is significantly larger.  I looked at the contents and the problem 
> seems to be mainly in /usr/lib/  All files are significantly larger.

I've noticed it also if I build with stabs+ usage. That's why there's a
patch in the RH rpms which disables stabs+ detection (and shrinks the
archive to ~10MB).

> What flags am I missing when I am building the rpm?

It's most probably a question of stabs+ usage. For some reason, it was
disabled for the rpm your colleague did, and enabled for the one you


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