winrash: only sleep xx commands ?

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sun Aug 1 11:51:37 CDT 2004

After a successful install of winrash with 'Usurp' as nick and this mailbox :
spetreolle at

It seems that winrash is doing only sleep commands, having a look to <winrash>\debug.txt.
Simulating about 27 hours of running service with some 'time' and a 'date' commands
seem to produce nothing else than "sleep 3600" commands in debug.txt.

Can someone help ?
The service is up and running in E:\winrash.
Machine: Windows XP home.

E:\winrash>winrash -v && winrash -q
Winrash version: 'winrash-0009-chris-msvc.exe'
Current script commands:
        1 total commands, current command is 1
        0: sleep 3600

Querying service
Current state:

Part of debug.txt:
c:\winrash\winrash.c:1197 01/08/2004 16:57:00
c:\winrash\winrash.c:1200 entered with currentCommandIndex of '0'
c:\winrash\winrash.c:593 sleep command of 'sleep 3600'
c:\winrash\winrash.c:1275 no errors in command
c:\winrash\winrash.c:1775 debug file not yet large enough to clear
c:\winrash\winrash.c:390 entered
c:\winrash\winrash.c:441 found a clientID of 'Usurp'
c:\winrash\winrash.c:443 after removing characters we have a clientID of 'Usurp'

c:\winrash\winrash.c:509 built a url of '
c:\winrash\winrash.c:312 url of '
c:\winrash\winrash.c:533 got file: sleep 3600
c:\winrash\winrash.c:534 got 11 bytes out of a total buffer of 15000
c:\winrash\winrash.c:556 Software\winrash\Command_0
c:\winrash\winrash.c:1197 01/08/2004 17:57:21

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