Winrash / Winetest

Stephen Ogletree jhk37pt02 at
Mon Aug 2 09:32:04 CDT 2004

(I sent a version of this to wine-users originally and Ivan said to send 
it over here to wine-devel)

On windows XP, with the latest patches/service packs, I got the errors 

Since these were popups and/or crashes, I'm assuming they need to be 
reported manually.

0.  Small issue: The winrash installer (NSIS) concludes with a window 
that has 3 lines that are in blue text to suggest a hyperlink (and the 
surrounding text even says "Click the text below to make a bookmark for 
the test results") but clicking the text has no visible effect (when 
moving the cursor over the text, the cursor does change shape to 
indicate the text is clickable, so at least that much works...).   My 
default browser is Opera and my security settings in IE are maxed out, 
with everything possible disabled.  In Opera, I typically keep popups, 
plugins, and javascript disabled, but none of that should keep normal 
URL to a html page from opening.

Since installing winrash didn't do anything except put the service in 
place and start it, I figured I'd go ahead and download the test 
manually.  This rest of this email pertains to 

1.  I received the "Can't parse subtests output of msvcrtd" message 
during 'extraction'.  I assume this is the same error Holly reported.

2.  I had a message indicating a timeout during the user32 tests (before 
the network tests - this appears to be the same message Holly reported). 
   Also, I remember the timeout was occurring back when we first tried 
out this testing program a month or two (or 3?) ago, so its a bug thats 
been around a while.

3.  I am still seeing an error that I pointed out in the first round (or 
a long time ago, at least..) of testing where the test crashes Explorer 
(this is after the timeout, but before the prompt to send the results). 
  Explorer crashing causes all of my desktop icons to reset to their 
positions from when I last logged in/out (which has been a week or two, 
so this was significant change), as well as causes some of the SysTray 
icons to vanish, and finally, of course I lose the start menu bar and 
the bar containing the running application names for a moment, while 
Windows XP nicely restarts explorer.exe.  Meanwhile, there's no 
indication of trouble from the winetest window.

FWIW: When I agreed to submit my test results, I did *not* receive any 
warning about my log being too big.

Stephen Ogletree

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