list view completely mangled in WINE

Filip Navara xnavara at
Tue Aug 3 08:51:38 CDT 2004

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>Almost. If it does go in though, we need to:
>  -- fix a few more places where we look at WS_[VH]SCROLL
Ok, I have that done in my local tree and will send it tonight propably.

>  -- understand why did the listview work at all if the LVS_ stuff was missing
I tried to run RegEdit with the same version of COMCTL32 and it 
preserved the listview specific flags. Maybe somebody with access to MFC 
source code (that is used by the Diamond application) can find out more. 
The application calls "CCtrlView::CCtrlView(WC_LISTVIEW, WS_VISIBLE | 
WS_CHILD | WS_BORDER)", so it must propably inject the listview flags 
later on, but I don't know enough about MFC internals to tell you how it 
does that (the window procedure of the list view is subclassed BTW).

- Filip

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