winedos: TSR (was MCB implementation)

markus.amsler at markus.amsler at
Wed Aug 4 12:14:19 CDT 2004


Quoting Steven Edwards <steven_ed4153 at>:
> Do you have to run FreeCOM? You could run ReactOS cmd.exe. Its based on
> FreeCOM but works on Wine already. 

Perhaps. The main goal isn't running FreeCOM, my goal is TSR (Terminate and
Stay Resident) support.
I thought, the easiest way to get TSR working, is to start a DOS shell (not a
win32 shell), and from there start the TSR programm. After receiving the TSR
interrupt, you just haven't to free memory and interrupts, and it stays resident
in the DOS Memory.(windows cmd.exe spawns also if you run a TSR
So I need a DOS shell. First I tried Windows, without success, it
makes heavy use of the BIOS Rom (and is propriatary too). With FreeCOM I had
more luck, some TSR's are working more or less.

Now, what should happen, if you start a TSR programm in a win32 shell (like
wcmd,Reactos cmd.exe or Windows cmd.exe)? Spawn FreeCOM, implement TSR somehow
in win32 (shell or ntdll) or no TSR support in win32 shells?

Any other ideas?


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