list view completely mangled in WINE

Tobias Burnus burnus at
Thu Aug 5 10:56:32 CDT 2004


Tobias Burnus wrote:
> The patch improves the situation a lot! Even Save List works now!
> Thanks!
I have another strangeness with multi-select lists (e.g. the lists in 
Diamond but this might affect other lists as well):

* I go to a line, press shift and then the arrow keys.
If I use arrow down, I can select as many lines as I want.
If I use arrow up, I can only select two lines: The line I'm in and the 
one below, the others further below are unselected as I move upwards.

* Multi-select with ctrl doesn't work using the keyboard.
Select a line, press ctrl, move up/down to another line and press space.
Expected: This line is selected as well.
Actual result: Nothing happens

(Not a bug, but a missing handy feature: In Windows,  double clicking 
between two column headers (cursor: <-|->) adjusts the column-width so 
that everything fits. In WINE nothing happens. (Work-around: go to the 
same place and adjust manually.))


who hopes that the submitted patches get applied to CVS.

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