Problem with ITypeInfo

jack jack at
Sat Aug 7 19:51:46 CDT 2004


I've tryed to run game Project Entropia and I got segmentation fault 
because of a bug in OLE.
I've hacked code and I found two bugs:

1. ITypeInfo has back pointer to ITypeLib, but it's possible (and 
happened) that ITypeLib is
destroyed and later ITypeInfo calls its function. I've solve this 
problem by call ITypeLib_AddRef
while creating ITypeInfo (and ITypeLib_Release while destroying ITypeInfo).

2. ITypeInfo_Invoke doesn't support optional parameters. I've added 
support for cParamsOpt>0.
MSDN says that optional parameter is when VARTYPE equals VT_EMPTY, but 
in my case
it was a VT_BYREF | VT_VARIANT type but the pointer was NULL. When I 
treated it as
VT_EMPTY, it was OK.

I enclose my patch. My knownlage about OLE is sparse so I'm not able to 
test this.

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