Fix crash in dsound test

Kevin Koltzau kevin at
Sun Aug 8 17:02:20 CDT 2004

On Thursday 29 July 2004 01:17 pm, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> Yes, there was a short discussion about this on 23-24 July
> on wine-devel.  It reached no conclusion, though, and I
> didn't try the various MinGW libraries recommended there.
> The abundance of MinGW packages always confused me, and at
> the moment I don't even know where I got mine from.  But it
> can't compile the dsound tests, that's for sure.  Comments
> welcome.

My build is now working again as of today, thanks to Hans Leidekker
What worked for me was removing w32api_directx.patch and adding
his w32api_lib_uuid_c.patch

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