RSABASE/TESTS: Fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Aug 9 08:09:40 CDT 2004

Hans Leidekker wrote:

> where Wine defines STATUS_SUCCESS like so:
>   #define STATUS_SUCCESS                   0x00000000
> which means STATUS_SUCCESS is handled by gcc as an unsigned value. This 
> generates a warning because NTSTATUS is signed. If we look at the
> SDK definition we see something different:
>    #define STATUS_SUCCESS                   ((NTSTATUS)0x00000000L)
> Which would get rid of the warnings for us if we add the cast there too.
> Should I submit a patch to do this? To add a cast in every such code sequence
> is not a good alternative if you ask me, as it's a very common idiom. Any 
> other solutions?

Seems reasonable to fix Wine's headers to me.  I think there's quite a 
few values like that to fix :/


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