Wine devel: Two MFC bugs

Green, Shaun E. SHAUN.E.GREEN at
Mon Aug 9 17:50:27 CDT 2004

I would like to first thank all the Wine developers for your help. Without
you, this wonderful software would not be maintained and allow good
cross-platform app development.
Several months ago I received some help from the list on an MFC application
I'm helping develop. Now that I've completed sokoban version 1.3, I'm ready
to report only two bugs I've found with the latest Wine 20040716, running
the sokoban.exe in Linux.
The first is a display problem of edit boxes; for some reason the text
(numbers) are displaying left justified, instead of right justified. The
edit boxes are definitely set for right justified and display fine in
The second bug is that when I multi-select files to perform an operation on,
nothing happens. One selected file works fine, but any additional ones cause
nothing to happen. Works fine in Windows.
For both of these problems I'd be happy to provide the MFC/C++ code
snippets, just let me know.
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