Aric Stewart aric at
Tue Aug 10 09:48:31 CDT 2004


  Sorry for not getting back to you all faster, i was at linux world and 

Yup i am looking hard at the setupapi device calls and cfgmgr to try to 
get some usb support targeted toward the iPod. I have made some progress 
and am beginning to have an understand of how usb is handled in windows 
(win2k is my target version) and how to try to handle it in Wine.

I do have some difficulty figuring out how win2k is translating vender 
and product ids into class and interface guids. The documentation 
reports that they look them up in inf files, however i am finding that 
not to be true. I am suspecting that some may be hardcoded in the usb 
support somewhere.

I am probably not anywhere close to having anything clean enough to 
start commiting to Wine. But if you really want to help we may be able 
to work together on some stuff.


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