Aric Stewart aric at
Wed Aug 11 09:32:31 CDT 2004

Right, that is the theory but something else must be happening also. For 
example with the iPod (what i am concentrating on) the vendor id is 
0x05ac which somehow translates to VEN_APPLE and the product id of 
0x1201 somehow translates to PROD_IPOD however i cannot find any inf 
file or registry key that would show that transition.


Rolf Kalbermatter wrote:
> Aric Stewart wrote:
>>I do have some difficulty figuring out how win2k is translating vender 
>>and product ids into class and interface guids. The documentation 
>>reports that they look them up in inf files, however i am finding that 
>>not to be true. I am suspecting that some may be hardcoded in the usb 
>>support somewhere.
> Wouldn't that be something which would be put in the registry somehow
> for the well known IDs and for the rest I really assume the device
> detection routine does check for all .inf files it finds on the devices
> currently configured to be searched. If you look at PCI and USB inf
> files you will notice that the manufacturer and device ID are actually
> encoded in the key names which are to be added to the registry. That
> encoding does not always seem to be equally consistent, I've seen at
> least two different types, but it is obviously there.
> One entry for instance for the Logitec PageScanner would be
> %USB\VID_046D&PID_040f.DeviceDesc%=Model.PageScan_USB,USB\VID_046D&PID_040f
> USB\VID_046D&PID_040f.DeviceDesc="Storm Technology - Logitech PageScan USB"
> This is partly extracted from a logiscan.inf file on my W2K system.
> Rolf Kalbermatter

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