Help with winemaker

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Aug 11 11:14:30 CDT 2004

Le mar 10/08/2004 à 19:39, Veerendra Tippanagoudar a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am trying to port a project from windows to unix. I have installed redhat 7.0.
> After installing wine, i tried using winemaker on a set of modules that are interdependent. 
> By modules, I mean sub-programs. When I run winemaker from the top of the project directory, it creates only Makefile and no configure, and scripts. Therefore I am not able to use ./configure --with-wine=/usr/local/wine.
> Since, I cannot run the ./configure command, I am not able to run the make command. 
> Why are the configure and other files not being generated? Any help would really be appreciated.

If you're using the Wine version which came with RedHat 7.0, the current
documentation (on the website) doesn't apply to it anymore.
Specifically, winemaker doesn't generate a configure script anymore but
directly some Makefiles.

Try running make directly if you already have the Makefiles.


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