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Tom twickline at
Thu Aug 12 13:25:26 CDT 2004

Jeremy White wrote:
> Hmm.  I have several thoughts on this.  First, I think
> that corporate sponsors get enough 'props'. While I appreciate
> the gesture, I'd rather the acknowledgements page highlight
> the many people who do good work for Wine without
> pay or other recompense.

Hello Jer,

But that would just be a copy of the who's who?

I could link to it and say here is a list of current developers.
and link to the Authors page and say here is a list of all developers.

As I see it if a developer is currently active they should be listed in 
the who's who,
and if they have given in the past but are no longer active there still 
listed in the Authors page.

So this leaves corporate sponsors and people that have given to the wpf.

Or, do you suggest we do a "all time who's who" and list everyone and if 
they want to
put a blurb on the page of there past contributions they can?

The only problem with this is, the page would list 600+ past and present 
And I would only guess that maybe 10% of this list would ever be completed.
> I'm not suggesting you remove credit for corporate sponsors
> (Corel's contribution, in particular, I have long felt has
> been under appreciated by the larger community), but I'd
> think that all parties should be treated equally, and with
> perhaps a shorter blurb about their contributions.

Well I copied your section from your site :)
As your the only company that has a page listing your past contributions.
I'll trim it down some so your section doesn't take a full screen to fill.

> Now add $1.48 to that $0.02, and you can get a cup of coffee...

Thanks! would you please pass the sugar? <g>

> Cheers,
> Jer

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