Development model/versioning stuff: Interesting essay on why decentralised versioning is a bad idea

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Thu Aug 12 14:03:04 CDT 2004

> What are peoples thoughts on this? It's not (despite appearances) an
> argument against BitKeeper due to licensing concerns, but rather a short 
>   paper on why the author believes the "pyramid" patch/development 
> system is a bad idea.

Well, if you agree with the article, you are basically saying that Alexandre
should let other people commit to the tree. Another way to read the article
is to say that 'wow, BK is exactly that we need in Wine because it matches
exactly the way we work' :-)

Anyway, we already discussed this to death about one or two years ago.


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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