Missing Registry Value "VersionNumber"

"Adrian Willenbücher" addy86-ml at gmx.net
Fri Aug 13 01:48:26 CDT 2004

I tried to install MS Visual Studio 6, but the install program exited after
two seconds without error message. When I read the debug logs, I found out
that the installer needs the following value:
I had a look at my original Windows (98 SE) system.dat and there the value
was set to "4.10.2222". I added the value with regedit in wine and the
program was satisfied :-)

Does someone know more about this value and its necessity? Should it be
added to wine's standard set of registry keys and values?

Here are some sites about these version numbers:
1) http://garrett.vdsworld.com/winver.htm
3) Googles translation of 2):

My wine is set to win98 and it doesn't use an original Windows installation.

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