Acknowledgment page

Tom twickline at
Fri Aug 13 20:46:20 CDT 2004

> But I suspect if I dug around I could find a list of additional
> names to add there.

The list I have was from the old faq-o-matic way before the current
faq. and from one of the pages that dimi use to have on his site.
Donations to the MFC docs? and the money went to the wpf?

So should we list people or not?

I added the part :

Below is a short list of people who have given money to the wpf.
If you have given money to this fund and would like to be included
on this page just send a e-mail to wine-devel and ask for inclusion.

This way if someone wants to be addded they can simpley ask for 
inclusion. Do you want me to also add if your name is listed here
and you would prefere not to be listed just send a e-mail and we will
glady remove your name from this list.

If and when this page is ever done I was going to send a patch to remove
the people from the faq as it would only be duplication.


> Cheers,
> Jeremy


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