Windows Default Button Observations

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Sun Aug 15 04:23:07 CDT 2004

"Zach Gorman" <zach at> writes:

> My impression is that (1) could be handled by remembering
> the default button (which, as Krishna Murthy has shown, is
> not the same as the default button id) in the DIALOGINFO
> structure.
> Number (2), however, is more difficult. When a button
> receives the capture, it can send a BM_SETSTATE to itself
> easily enough to make itself a DEFPUSHBUTTON, but how does
> it determine which other buttons to query and make
> non-default as necessary?

Once you remembered the current (possibly inactive) default
button in DIALOGINFO, this should come for free.  I hope at
most one button can be default in a dialog...

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