Large memory reporting

Ivan Leo Puoti puoti at
Sun Aug 15 06:10:31 CDT 2004

 >   /* work around for broken photoshop 4 installer */
You may have to consider handling this like Microsoft does. If you read trough
m$ blogs, you'll find that what microsoft usually does is have all sort of
workarounds for broken apps, without them lots of stuff would not run on window xp.
To work like windows, wine will have to do the same. For example, at some point
m$ found that a game called "The sims" didn't work on recent versions of
windows, because it freed some heap memory, and then immediately tried to access it.
The M$ guys had to reverse engineering the game to find this out, and then
introduced a hack that would make windows compensate for the apps bug.
The game did work on previous versions of windows. M$ has it's code full of this
stuff, they give priority to m$ apps, followed by stuff from big vendors like
IBM, adobe, macomedia and so on.
Wine will have to unfortunately do the same to achieve 100% compatibility for
all the apps that work on windows only thanks to specific hacks.
I'm not saying that it's a good solution in this case, but at some point this
sort of stuff will have to be done.


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