update the faq take 2 : faq-2.diff

Tom twickline at sitestar.net
Mon Aug 16 07:34:35 CDT 2004

Andreas Mohr wrote:

> Hmm...
> Rewind is an important part for companies who choose to not publish
> all of their source under the (L)GPL (but hopefully do publish smaller
> utilities not essential to their core business :-).
> As such it might be useful to keep the reference.

Hello Andi,

Many people release there code as X11/LGPL but the project
at http://rewind.sourceforge.net/ is for the most part dead!

If the tree was kept upto date and X11 patches were merged in
I could see why some would want to keep a reference to it, but its just
not that way. So in reality all were doing by providing this reference
is sending people to two year old code that is missing *many* X11
patches that have been sent to wine-patches.

> (to such companies at least ;-)
> Are there any "GPL-unencumbered" (ugh, gotta hate that word ;)
> alternatives? I don't know of any, so...

Are there any upto date, maintained X11 projects?
I don't know of any, so........


Who feels his patch is correct.

> Greetings,
> Andreas Mohr
> (who certainly would not be too unaffected by the non-availability
> of a rewind tree ;-)

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