Adventures in serial port.

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Mon Aug 16 14:00:36 CDT 2004

Scott Snell a écrit :
> Hi All,
> I have been trying for several weeks to transfer our product to linux using
> wine.  I am so close it hurts!   The only issue has been the serial ports.
> Threads, sockets, and timers appear to be working as advertised (an
> impressive feat of wine as it is!).   However the serial port has failed me.
> I have used versions 20040716 and 20040505 both as RPM's and source code
> (with various patches applied to the source).  The major issue is
> reliability. I can successfully get test programs to echo back a character
> received on the serial port.  However when I use the port in anger it often
> drops bytes.  Calls to ReadFile will drop the last byte when the packet size
> is 30 bytes, and up to the last 5 bytes when the packet size is 200+ bytes.
> After a while calls to WriteFile will actually stop sending bytes even
> though it returns successfully.  The program has several threads but I have
> modified it so that the calls to ReadFile/Writfile are in the same thread
> inside a loop.  I set the timeout parameters to return immediately from a
> ReadFile with any available bytes.  If you are interested I can post the
> shell of my code.
there's a bug in the serial code when reading are made in this mode. 
I've got a patch ready for this, so you may want to wait a couple of 
days (before it gets committed into CVS)

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