Different X Displays and Wine

Eric Frias efrias at syncad.com
Tue Aug 17 13:19:24 CDT 2004

Alexandre Julliard (julliard_at_winehq.org) wrote:> We don't support having
the same user run from different displays at> the same time. I don't think
that's a common setup at all.
It probably is not a common setup, but Boaz isn't the only person to have
been bitten by this.  It has happened both to us and to people who use our
software.  In our development environment, we usually use one or two common
user accounts to do all development and testing in.  I know this isn't
ideal, but I don't have any power to change this.  Anyway, with this setup,
it is very easy to have two people developing or testing from the same
account but displaying on separate machines.

Right now we have been doing what was suggested earlier -- we have a script
to launch our application and this script creates a .wine-$DISPLAY directory
and points WINEPREFIX to that directory.  This works well enough for now.
It's inconvenient that the config file and registry aren't shared, so doing
things like changing printer settings is a bit of a chore, but this hasn't
bothered us too much yet.  We're also making the assumption that not many
users will be running this on multiple displays, so things will just work
for most users and the few that do try to run on multiple displays will at
least be able to do it.

I'm curious how much work would be involved in fixing this correctly.  I've
never looked at the wineserver code, so I don't know if this would just be a
matter of adding another variable to a data structure that gets passed
around to all of the windowing code, or if this would require major changes
to the way wineserver works.  If it's reasonably easy, I might be able to
make the fix or lend some assistance; if it is a large amount of work, we'll
probably be happy with the workaround we have.


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