iostream and msvcrt?

Scott Snell ssnell at
Tue Aug 17 20:32:58 CDT 2004

Is that simpler than fixing the MSVCRT headers?  I have used STLport before
so the idea sounds feasable to me.  I imagine I have to change the
gcc-linux.mak by:

replacing the call to gcc with winegcc,
removing references to GLIBC,
adding a path pointing to /include/wine/MSVCRT.

Anything else?



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> Using gcc's c++ libraries will not work with msvcrt. If it will compile 
> (which it doesn't) it will not load. (Some circular linking)
> Your best bet is STLPort. Check it out. What I have done is a special 
> makefiles set with special config.h that compiles and links STLPort over 
> msvcrt. I have written to STLPort if they want my changes as support for 
> another platform but I never got a response from them. Do you need me to 
> dig out the old HD and pack you an STLPort compiled over msvcrt?
> You might need to make some changes because it is from before winegcc 
> times,. Going strait for gcc. and maybe some wine stuff changed since
> than.
> Scott Snell wrote:

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