More winecfg todos

Izak Burger izakb at
Wed Aug 18 02:13:04 CDT 2004

How about the Debian way of adding stubs to a .d directory...

wine.d with lots of small easily editable .reg files.  I'm sure this is 
a silly suggestion, but if you REALLY have a problem with a 5000 line 
.reg file (I sure did when I had to configure squid.. uggh), nothing 
prevents you from doing this yourself and having a update-wine.conf 
script, Debian style (refering to their exim4 setup).

Mike Hearn wrote:
> Maybe we should fork the Wine/Config branch into a separate .reg file to 
> appease those who want to edit it using a text editor. That would make 
> the switch from config file -> registry less obvious. Not exactly the 
> same of course, no comments for one, no defaults to show you what they 
> are for another, but it might be an improvement?

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