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Izak Burger izakb at
Wed Aug 18 03:04:51 CDT 2004

I'm not too sure it will work for wine, it was just a wild suggestion.

Debian uses it to get arround the problem of modifying certain config 
files.  For example, if you install the nvidia drivers, you have to 
modify /etc/modules.conf.  The usual way is to employ some perl or some 
other magic to add the line to the file, but Debian adds a file to 
/etc/modutils, and then runs the update-modules.  The idea is that every 
small file in /etc/modutils contains only the lines relevant to the 
package it was installed by, and the modules.conf file is generated from 
these small files (in this case, by simply concatenating them together).

The debian exim4 package has a similar setup (it is optional, if you 
want one big file you can still have it), but because exim4's config 
file has different sections, they have a directory for each section, 
with small files that are concatenated to make up the sections, and then 
the sections are assembled together to make a config file.  Once again, 
say I install an antivirus like clamav or a spam checker like 
spamassassin, these packages need only drop a small file with their 
config settings into the correct directory and run the script 
update-exim4.conf to make a new config file.

Now since the registry is just text in wine, and according to the 
feature we are talking about (splitting the old config stuff into a 
seperate reg file) this could work, but the reason why I said it is 
silly is because this would make editing of the registry with regedit an 
absolute mess, because 1) you will be editing the autogenerated file 
(and not the orriginal stubs) and 2) even if you could trace the way 
back to the original stubs, it just complicates matters unnecessarily.

To split, or not to split, that is the question :-)

It was a silly suggestion, but it would be an option so split seperate 
parts of the registry into seperate files if it REALLY becomes too 
unmanagable.  But if you've ever had to configure squid, with it's 
default config file of several hundred lines, I'm sure you'll find this 
not to be such a big issue.

Sometimes I should just shut up, I'm sure one of the _real_ developers 
will be along shortly to tell me why :-)


Saulius Krasuckas wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Izak Burger wrote:
>>How about the Debian way of adding stubs to a .d directory...
>>wine.d with lots of small easily editable .reg files.  I'm sure this is 
>>a silly suggestion, but if you REALLY have a problem with a 5000 line 
>>.reg file (I sure did when I had to configure squid.. uggh), nothing 
>>prevents you from doing this yourself and having a update-wine.conf 
>>script, Debian style (refering to their exim4 setup).
> I have never been using the Debian distro and have no experience with a .d
> directories.  Is there any newbie intro to this stuff on the net?  Thanks.
>>Mike Hearn wrote:
>>>Maybe we should fork the Wine/Config branch into a separate .reg file to 
>>>appease those who want to edit it using a text editor. That would make 
>>>the switch from config file -> registry less obvious. Not exactly the 
>>>same of course, no comments for one, no defaults to show you what they 
>>>are for another, but it might be an improvement?

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