Backtrace Dumps

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Wed Aug 18 03:27:53 CDT 2004

Me too! *jumps up and down* In Java you can say this:

new Exception().printBackTrace();

or some equivalent to get a printout of where you are, and it's very 

I can see the reasoning behind keeping the code in the debugger then 
triggering it using a custom exception though, as that way we only have 
one piece of backtracing code.

My problem with this approach is that it relies on the exception 
actually getting through to the debugger instead of being trapped by the 
program code and swallowed. I guess we could install a vectored handler 
to boot the debugger and such but now the code is a lot more complex and 
confusing for newbies than just having some inline functions in the 
headers. As if the SEH code wasn't already confusing enough!

> Wine has always had massive problems with getting easily accessible
> debugging/diag support (doing debugging stuff IS hard, no question here...).
> Thus I think we generally want not less, but more support, as long as it
> helps (and as long as it doesn't cause a maintenance headache
> or ill-maintained subsystems due to too much "choice" in debugging options...).
> Since I'd think that that backtrace code should be fairly small and
> self-maintaining, I'd vote for including it.

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