Info on debugging requested: trying to run "Hearts of Iron"

Izak Burger izakb at
Thu Aug 19 02:21:58 CDT 2004

Simon Kitching wrote:
> There is then no response to the keyboard; no debugger prompt or
> anything. Is this meant to start a debugger interactive session here, or

--- snip ---

> Backtrace:
> =>1 0x004191fb (0x406bfe94)
>   2 0x005af5b2 (0x406bff20)
>   3 0x404ff9f2 start_process+0xf2(arg=0x0) [process.c:995] in kernel32
> (0x406bfff4)
>   4 0x4002c151 wine_switch_to_stack+0x11 in (0x00000000)
> 0x004191fb: movl        0x6(%ecx),%ecx
> Wine-dbg>
This ^^^^^ here is the debugger prompt.
> </output>

> Qn: is there any way of getting function names in that backtrace rather
> than just addresses? I've tried "CFLAGS=-g ./configure" when rebuilding
> wine, but haven't had time to test the resulting wine binaries.

Yes, recompile wine with debugging enabled.  I think it is a ./configure 
option but it comes down to adding -g to the gcc options.

> And then is there a way to step through at the source rather than
> assembly level?

Same as above.

> I also tried the "WINEDEBUG=+relay" option as recommended in the wine
--- snip---
> sound stuff], and that because HoI is running much more slowly under
> +relay, that the thread doing the load-game work (0009) isn't actually
> getting any CPU time at all. NB: the log was only 3GB because I used

Yes, the observer changes the nature of the observed.  I absolutely hate 
that.  But the fact that it happens sometimes points to some kind of 
race condition that no longer occurs when it is slowed down somewhat, 
this is at least true when you're programming at the hardware level :-)

> By the way, I'm an experienced c/c++ developer on unix/linux, but know
> very little about Windows programming (and frankly would prefer to leave
> it that way :-). It's been a while since I've used gdb and friends, but
> can brush up on that if it's useful.

You and me both.  Actually, I wasn't even much of a C++ coder until 
someone at work told me to make an app work on wine, which is how I 
landed on this list.  And then, shortly afterwards, I was thrown into 
Symbian c++ development :-)  Talk about being thrown in on the deep end.

> PS: Congrats to the Wine team. I was most impressed how well HoI ran on
> wine.

Sounds almost too good to be true, I must admit :-)


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