Backtrace Dumps

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Thu Aug 19 12:42:02 CDT 2004

> Indeed.
> I'm sure every semi-involved Wine developer can imagine dozens of
> "reasons of the day" why winedbg doesn't launch properly on error again...
> Failure in wine exception handling code, failure to look up winedbg
> (both registry and disk), failure to pass winedbg cmdline parameters properly,
> failure to get winedbg started up properly, failure to get winedbg to
> parse the current modules and stack frame properly, ...
> That's why a "no frills" debugging mechanism is a good idea IMHO.
> Andreas Mohr
> P.S.: no offense to Eric. He's done TONS of very useful things to winedbg,
> and when considering how many fatal architecture changes winedbg had
> to go through, it's amazing that it still works pretty well. :-)
No offense taken. If I look to your list of potential issues, most of 
them fall into Alexandre's private garden... <g>

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