gethostbyname on local host returns for address

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Thu Aug 19 12:46:49 CDT 2004

--- Robert Reif <reif at> wrote:
> It's gethostbyname that has the problem. 

Oops, you're right, I didn't read your code that
closely.  What I said earlier is still appropriate
though:  you can call something in iphlpapi, like
GetAdaptersInfo, or perhaps GetIpAddrTable.  You could
also use WSAIoctl.  Take a look at
dlls/winsock/socket.c; you'd want to modify
WS_gethostbyname, and it already calls GetAdaptersInfo
to implement WSAIoctl.

Do you have an app that depends on this, or are you
just trying to get the network interface addresses?


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