New Darwine Binary Released

Sanjay Connare sjconnare at
Fri Aug 20 22:12:47 CDT 2004

Hey All,
	I am proud and happy to announce the release of a new binary labeled Darwine 20040820 DP.  This binary is based upon the 20040813 wine release.  The majority of changes for this release can be viewed:

	It is being released as a DEVELOPER PREVIEW so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!  It is not yet suited for mass distribution or general user use.  This release in addition to all of the fixes from the wine team includes many Mac OS X optimizations and fixes.  It also includes WineHelper a native Mac OS X application that helps launch .exe's.  It allows for .exe's to be double clicked in the finder like any other application and essentially bypasses the need to run wine via the command line.
	The Darwine libraries have been moved from their default installation location of /usr/local to a more Mac OS X friendly location /Library/Darwine.  Applications and WineHelper are installed in /Applications/Darwine.
	This new binary also automatically uninstalls the previous binary if it is found to be installed.  For uninstall to occur the user must enter an administrator's password. If the correct password is entered the uninstaller will return some errors however the old version of Darwine will be removed and the install of this new binary can commence by reopening the installer package.  A new uninstaller is included with this release that simplifies the uninstall process thanks to the new location of libraries.
	The binary has been split into two releases one being this release and a soon to be released Darwine SDK.  The Darwine SDK will contain the source for both wine and WineHelper, all of the header files, winegcc, winebuild tools and many examples and scripts that will allow open source apps to be compiled using these tools.
	 Please report bugs to the darwine SourceForge Bug Tracking System, and to the darwine-devel mailing-list.  Also any comments, questions or concerns can also be posted to the darwine-devel mailing-list.  Enjoy this new release.

~Sanjay Connare

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