Wrong call convention for SHAllocShared & co?

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Sat Aug 21 18:05:53 CDT 2004

Still looking in undocshell.h, I see we have:

BOOL WINAPI GetFileNameFromBrowse(
	HWND hwndOwner,
	LPSTR lpstrFile,
	DWORD nMaxFile,
	LPCSTR lpstrInitialDir,
	LPCSTR lpstrDefExt,
	LPCSTR lpstrFilter,
	LPCSTR lpstrTitle);

But in the Platform SDK's the prototype is:

SHSTDAPI_(BOOL) GetFileNameFromBrowse(HWND hwnd, LPWSTR pszFilePath,
         UINT cbFilePath,LPCWSTR pszWorkingDir, LPCWSTR pszDefExt,
         LPCWSTR pszFilters, LPCWSTR pszTitle);

So is this an Ansi or a Unicode function? Or maybe it's one of these AW
Ansi/Unicode functions? In that case the implementation is wrong because
it definitely expects to receive Ansi strings.

Same question for PickIconDlg().

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